What are you getting out of life?

Whew. My mind has been working in overdrive lately. I kind of love it when that happens. For the first time in a while, I'm embracing this moment with some soothing music, my tea, and a blank screen. Lately I feel like I've been so caught up in the business part of my business that I haven't been growing and processing mentally, which is actually one of my favorite things to do. When I wrote the blog post about Steven Pressfield's quote, I came across another quote that I truly loved. But first, here's the quote I was originally writing about: Succinct. To the point. SHOW UP. And here's the quote that popped up when I was looking for the first one: I've never thought of asking for what you w

Fighting Resistance and Finding the Zone of Genius

This morning on my walk I listened to Oprah's interview with Steven Pressfield, author of The War of Art - an interview that's so good, this was the second time I listened to it. The main focus of this interview? Resistance. There were so many good points and quotes that were discussed, but one that kept coming up was his quote, "Put your ass where your heart wants to be." In other words...SHOW UP. We have such a bad habit of getting in our own way. I know I do it sometimes. I'll have an idea for a book or a blog and it's just eating away at me, but when I sit down to actually produce it, I feel paralyzed. I know it happens to many of you as well, especially when it comes to creating content

Approval is a Moving Target

Seeking approval is something that will never get you further in business or in your personal life. It takes work on your part to have a cle

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