Website Pop-Ups: How NOT to annoy your readers

Pop-ups. I get questions about them all the time. Should I have any? Should I not? And if I do, what should it be? The main point of a pop-up on your website is usually to generate leads and get more people subscribing to your newsletter or some sort of digital marketing. But we've all been annoyed by them which makes us hesitant to put them on our own websites. I totally get it. I can barely read recipes that I click on through Pinterest because they're so full of ads. Forbes online has basically gotten to the point where I need to add 30 seconds to anything I'm reading just to allow for clicking things closed. It feels like I'm always being sold to. And, like you, I really don't like it. S

What Billy Ray Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, and Florida Georgia Line Can Teach You About Marketing

Sometimes I wonder what the conversation between Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Nas X was when they decided to get together and record "Old Town Road." Do you think it was something like, "Hey! Let's make a song that's going to confuse the hell out of the entire music industry!" Regardless of what the actual conversation was, what was created was undoubtedly a hit - mainly because it sparked a lot of conversation. But more importantly, the song was a collaboration between two different genres, which meant that people who hadn't heard of Billy Ray Cyrus suddenly knew his name and Lil Nas X was on country music's radar (whether they liked it or not). The music industry is really good at collaboration

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