Using Digital Marketing as Part of Your Succession Plan

I've been working with financial advisors long enough to realize that creating a viable business isn't the only thing on their minds. Creating a viable business that can be handed over or purchased and developing a plan for succession is another big piece of the puzzle. My financial planning clients range from those who are not even close to retirement to those who can see it peeking over the horizon. For those advisors who are still building their businesses, they might be working solo, but they know they have to have emergency measures in place to protect their clients should the unthinkable happen to the advisor. But for those who are feeling the pull of retirement...they're coming up wit

How Can You Protect Your Time While Still Paying-it-Forward?

I've been a blogger for a long time and I've often used my blog as an outlet to help me figure things out. I started writing when my husband died in 2007 and since then it's become the way I process. I'm starting THIS blog that way so that I can admit to you right-off-the-bat that I'm not sure where this is going. But I'm hoping the answer will come to me as I type. Every single one of us has been in the situation where we're the "new person" in an industry and we're desperate for knowledge. This is especially true when you're an entrepreneur and there isn't any on-the-job-training available. I'm so dead grateful for the many people who have come into my life, willing and able to help me on

3 Reasons Why Your Email Database Isn't Growing

Despite what you might think, email marketing is NOT dead. In fact, there is still a higher client conversion rate through email marketing. Social media is powerful, but it moves fast. When something pops up in your inbox, you might designate more time to read it. The bottom line with email marketing is that if you're going to go through the trouble of creating content, you should maximize your efforts and get your material out to as many people as you can. However, I see a lot of frustration with my clients when it comes to growing their email marketing database and, honestly, there are a few really simple reasons for that. Here are a few things you should keep in mind: It's hard to find wh

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