November 27, 2018

Katie Tocquigny is a Digital Marketing Consultant with Social Seed Marketing. We feel that it's important to know who you're working with and why they're passionate about what they do. Here's a little bit about Katie!

November 27, 2018

What if your goal for the week was to reach ONE PERSON - just one meaningful connection with a potential client? One comment on social media from someone you know is completely engaged or an email from someone who received your newsletter saying, "Thanks! This rea...

November 7, 2018

I've just realized that I need to apologize for something.

I've had so many ideas running circles in my brain for the last month, even I have a hard time keeping up. That's really saying something because I'm typically used to my "idea a minute" mentality (something my...

November 2, 2018

I have a book that's currently in 15 different files on my computer. If we were living back in typewriter times, that's the equivalent to it being scattered all over my floor in no particular order. There's work to be done for current clients, ideas to impl...

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