Flourish Package

The Flourish Package is your one-stop shop for social media marketing and content creation. While we still require your input,

Social Seed Marketing creates and schedules content that will

engage your audience and grow your brand.

This package includes:

  • The Sow Package.

    • Analysis of your current website and two hours of coordination time with your web designer (click here for more details, including creating a new website or finding a web designer for your company).

    • Set-up and configuration of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, and Twitter accounts.

    • Newsletter creation and export of distribution list that you provide.

    • A social media schedule that will keep the company active on all social media platforms.

  • Original content creation.

    • Social Seed Marketing will create articles and blog posts from short outlines provided by the customer. We will also assist you with brainstorming topics that might interest your audience and other suggestions to keep things moving.

    • All articles and posts will include an appropriate, copyright-free image that we will research and provide (or an image provided by you).

    • SSM will post these pieces on your website and configure your SEO for each post for better search engine ranking.

      • This includes 1 piece per week.

  • Creating sharable graphics for social media platforms.

    • Each graphic will contain a quote or industry tip from

               either you or an outside resource. Social Seed

               Marketing will develop these graphics specific to

               YOUR company and include your company name

               and/or logo.

                      *This includes 1 graphic per week.

  • Researching and providing outside articles and links.

    • Social Seed Marketing will find industry articles

               and links from other sources to keep your page

               active and develop you as a resource for current

               and potential clients.


               SSM will also research and include any relevant hashtags that will increase your company's 

               searchability throughout your social media platforms.

  • Keeping your social media accounts active and on schedule.

    • Social Seed Marketing will ensure that your social media accounts are active a minimum of 5 days per week with original content and outside resources.

  • Paid advertising consultation services.

    • In many cases, paid advertising is necessary to grow an audience and promote brand awareness. Social Seed Marketing will consult with you on this process and configure your target audience within each platform.

    • Should you decide to create an original advertisement outside of the original content that Social Seed Marketing is already providing every month, we will estimate that cost as needed.

Price: $1000 monthly

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