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Content is King

I can't say it better than Daniel H. Pink did in his book A Whole New Mind.

When facts become so widely available and instantly accessible, each one becomes less valuable. What begins to matter more is the ability to place these facts in context and to deliver them with emotional impact.

What does this mean?

It means that while you might sound really knowledgeable when you talk industry-speak on your website and in your blogs, the fact is that your potential client can get that anywhere. 

What they can't get anywhere is you.

Are you a content collaborator?

A content collaborator is a client who understands that they are part of the marketing process. Many times, those clients come to us because they don't understand why all of the effort they've put into digital marketing hasn't worked. That usually comes down to several factors:

20190916-Tidd-169 (1).jpg

1. They're not producing content that's applicable to their ideal client (or are using whitepaper content/pre-written content that's not engaging the client).

2. They don't know who their ideal client IS.

3. They don't have a clear call-to-action or a good way to capture viable leads.

4. The messaging on their website is unclear, leaving the reader confused and more overwhelmed than ever.

But You Don't Have the Time/Inspiration

We have yet to encounter one client who says, "YES! I have plenty of time to spend on my marketing and TONS of ideas!"

Of course you don't! But the truth is it has to be done if you want to compete for the limited digital marketing space that's out there.

That's why Social Seed Marketing will only work with business owners who are willing to collaborate on their marketing - that's also why we're so successful at what we do. Our goal is to make your marketing




By using content creation techniques that have been effective in attracting thousands of people, we know that by collaborating with you, you'll start attracting the clients you want to work with - without wasting valuable time.


Here's How to Create Good Content

That's right! I'm going to give you some FREE TIPS! Why? Because you want some free education! Guess what? So does your client! From your website content to what you're putting in blogs, videos, and newsletters, here are the elements YOU MUST HAVE:




A compelling and engaging beginning - preferably something that draws on personal experience.

An immediate acknowledgement of the client's problem.

How you can help solve this issue.


A concrete call-to-action that allows the client to easily connect with you for more help.

Here's How WE HELP YOU Create Good Content

See what we did there? We didn't just give you the tips and leave you out in the dust! Nope. We want to HELP YOU create the content that's going to drive new prospects to your website and onto your client list. This is how we do it:


We use the in-depth (but easy to fill out) Target Your Ideal Client system unique to Social Seed Marketing so we know who we're talking to.


We create prompts that take you no longer than 20 minutes to complete. These are in a Q&A format that, when completed, highlight your expertise through engaging and compelling content.


At this point, you can create your own content, use the outline to create a video, OR send it back to Social Seed Marketing for completion!



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