Digital Marketing for the Financial Advisor

  • Two custom written pieces per month using the Social Seed Marketing content prompt system specifically for financial advisors.

  • Posting to advisor website and SEO optimization for each blog (if applicable).

  • Four custom graphics per month related to the custom content and specifically branded to the practice.

  • Editing 2 client-created videos per month, if needed.

  • Updating client YouTube channel, if needed.

  • One newsletter per month.

  • Social engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn 3-5 times per week using custom content and outside resources researched for the advisor's idea client.

  • Compliance management (we will work with your compliance department to get pieces approved, saving you time and headaches!).



Social Media Management

Our team will keep your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts active up to5 days per week with industry-specific content and any other content you provide. All posts will be formatted for each platform for optimum engagement. A one time set-up fee may apply.


Newsletter Marketing

Social Seed Marketing will coordinate with you to create a visually appealing monthly newsletter with an engaging opening personal note and relevant articles and graphics. Our ultimate goal is to provide your readers with helpful information (establishing you as an expert) while also directing the reader back to your website to increase traffic and brand awareness. We can also assist with newsletter database updates. A one time set-up fee may apply.


Quote Graphics

Graphics are essential to making your social media platforms visually engaging and can promote discussion, shares, and more brand awareness. Social Seed Marketing will create custom graphics with either industry tips that you provide or other quotes that are in keeping with your industry. 

Another option is the upWrite Graphic Engagement subscription program. For more information about upWrite, CLICK HERE.


Custom Content

We believe that engaging, meaningful content is the foundation of all successful digital marketing. But we also know that not everyone enjoys the writing process.

Our custom content service works in collaboration with each individual client - after all, we can't market you without you being part of the process. You will provide our writers with an outline addressing your topic and we will work with you to create a piece that reflects your personality and knowledge.

Our price includes an original draft and two additional edited drafts with client input.


Website Blog Posting/SEO

Social Seed Marketing will assist you with posting blog content to your website, including optimizing for SEO and researching a corresponding image for the piece. The platforms we typically work with are Wordpress and Wix, but should your website be based in other software, we will assist you if possible.


Custom YouTube Channel

If video marketing is part of what you want to incorporate into your marketing, developing a professional-looking YouTube channel should be part of your plan. Social Seed Marketing will create a custom header, video thumbnail template, and description template. We can also assist you with posting each video if that is a service you are hoping to outsource! (CLICK HERE for a sample of our work.)

$500 set-up fee 

channel and template

$100 per video 


Top-of-Mind Package

This package includes the Social Media Management service PLUS one monthly newsletter. Our team will keep your social media platforms active and research outside articles for posting. Should you have original content you would like to include, you will send that to your consultant and it will be included in the schedule. It will also be included in your monthly newsletter. A one time set-up fee may apply.


Custom Content Package

This package includes the Social Media Management service, one monthly newsletter, two custom content pieces (with client input) and two custom graphics. We will work with you to create meaningful pieces and then ensure that they are shared across your social media platforms and monthly newsletter. A one time set-up fee may apply.


Thought Leader Package

Through this service, you will work directly with Catherine Tidd to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. You will work in-depth on message, strategy, and how to engage and grow your audience. This service also includes managing all social media platforms, email marketing, custom graphics, original content creation and scheduling.

Because of the detailed nature of this work, Ms. Tidd will only collaborate with 5 clients total and will only commit to a project if it is the right fit for both parties. For more information about this service, email


Teach a (Wo)man to Fish Package

Do you have staff in place that can help you with your social media...but you're just not sure what you need? With this package, we will take a look at everything you currently have in place and come up with a plan to help you get on the right track. We will also schedule two recorded Zoom calls with you (and anyone else involved) to train you on the skills that you might need to make your digital marketing a success!

$1000/one-time fee 

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