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You have support staff... need ongoing digital marketing...


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If you already have support staff in place, it might not make sense to pay for ongoing support.

  Why not just train the staff you have?  

Your staff member will learn everything I do for my clients to make their digital marketing successful.


  • How to write and create original content.

  • How to engage the ideal clients you want to work with through digital marketing.

  • Monthly content prompts to help you and your staff create engaging content that WORKS.

  • How to create eye-catching, branded graphics for your practice.

  • How to edit video content and include disclosures, etc.

  • Tools for researching outside articles.

  • How to upload and schedule content on social media the correct way.

  • How to create email marketing that works.


This course will also include several one-on-one check-in calls so that Social Seed Marketing can address any issues your staff member might be having and answer any questions. As part of this course, you will also have access to ongoing email support and SSM will also keep an eye on your social media accounts and contact you should we have any other tips or suggestions!

A member of your support staff could be the perfect person to help you with your digital marketing and this course will give them all the tools they'll need to make that happen.

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