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Effective content marketing is about mastering the art of storytelling. Facts tell, but stories sell.

- Brian Eisenberg -

Content Creation

UpWrite Content Creation is designed to help you create, post, and distribute completely original content with ease. You will receive weekly writing prompts that will enable you to create outlines for unique pieces which you can use for a blog post, video or both! The prompts will include:





Topics that will inspire you to create an original beginning. These openings might draw on your own personal experience, an experience you've had with a client in the past, or a question for you to answer providing knowledge that only you have as an expert for your particular ideal client.

An industry quote that pertains to the subject (when applicable).

Prompts on how you can help solve this particular issue or provide education on a specific topic.

A reminder to wrap up your piece with a call-to-action and/or more specifics on how you can help.


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I love this process. It allows me to create content that's meaningful to my potential clients and immediately builds trust. I used to be so overwhelmed writing content, but this really does help generate ideas. Answering the questions and then having a professional writer polish my thoughts is exactly what I needed to market my business!

- Melissa Thompson

Accrue Financial Services, LLC

Graphic Engagement

How can you make your digital marketing more eye-catching and engaging? By using custom graphics! This subscription service will not only send you four quote graphics every month, it provides you with a tutorial on how to easily place your company logo and/or name on each picture before sharing! Here's what this includes:

If you think hiring a professional is ex

Four graphics per month designed to inspire, motivate, entertain, and engage your audience.​

Tips each month on how to use those graphics to promote discussion on your social media platforms.

A tutorial on how to easily brand each graphic with your company name and/or logo. After all, when it gets shared, you want everyone to see your business name, right?

Bonus graphics for holidays!





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Receive weekly content prompts right to your inbox! No more scrambling to figure out a topic or worrying about what you should say. Just answer the questions provided and you've got the content you need!

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These engaging custom graphics will be sent monthly AND you will always have access to this material. Not only that, but we'll teach you how to customize them with your company logo!

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Ready to truly uplevel your marketing? We want to help! Receive BOTH the Content Creation program AND the Graphic Engagement program at a discounted price. Save $60 when you purchase the PLUS subscription!

Ready to REALLY get started with digital marketing? Become a Social Seed Marketing client and we'll give you the upWrite Content Creation subscription for FREE! 

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When facts become so widely available and instantly accessible, each one becomes less valuable. What begins to matter more is the ability to place these facts in context and to deliver them with emotional impact.

-Daniel Pink

A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future

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