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Differentiate Yourself 

Gone are the days of cold, impersonal websites and marketing in the financial services industry. If you're not gaining a potential client's trust through your digital marketing, chances are they're clicking on the next person.

Michael Kitces once said that "financial services ranks at the bottom of all industries in consumer trust." So, how can YOU, as a financial advisor, change that?

Through your marketing and outreach you can become the resource your clients are looking for. You can be the person they refer their friends and family to. You can be the trusted advisor referral partners send their clients to. By collaborating with Social Seed Marketing, we will create a content and outreach plan that will engage your clients and feature your expertise.

We know your time is limited. Through our content process created specifically for financial planners, you'll market compelling content that only takes you an hour per month to complete. Here's how we work.

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Our Process

Social Seed Marketing looks at everything from your website (or, as we like to call it, your "digital handshake") to what your current digital marketing efforts look like. From there, we give you a firm plan that you can either implement with your current staff or engage our services for a monthly fee.  Here's how we work.

Website and Digital Marketing Analysis

  • Does your website attract your ideal client?

  • Is your branding consistent?

  • Is your newsletter engaging?

  • What are you putting out on your social media platforms?

  • Do you have a solid call-to-action that will bring in new clients?

Your Customized Plan

  • We will ensure that your website is the best representation of you and your business.

  • We will create bios for all social media platforms that will engage and attract potential new clients.

  • We will create graphics for all social media platforms that are consistent with your branding.

  • We will create a custom newsletter template that incorporates your branding.


Do you have an assistant, an intern, or someone in your office who can work on your digital marketing? Great! We'll train them so you can use the resources you already have!


Ongoing Services

Need help with scheduling content, putting out a regular newsletter, and creating engaging original content? No problem! We'd love to continue working with you!

Are you a good fit for

Social Seed Marketing?

Social Seed Marketing works with service providers who are passionate about helping their clients. We work best with people who...


...understand that amazing branding, content creation, and digital marketing is a collaboration between the business and the marketing consultant.


...are willing to put themselves out there through authentic marketing to engage new clients.



...know that effective marketing puts the clients' needs first.

...are willing to incorporate new, creative ideas that will set them apart from others in their industry.