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Ready to Market Your Practice?

3 Great Options for Lincoln Advisors

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Set It & (Almost  ) Forget It


  • Social Seed Marketing has created a content library with compliance requirements in mind. These blogs range from financial education to lifestyle pieces that engage and inform your audience. Our team will choose two pre-written blogs per month to upload to your website.

  • We will post to your website and implement SEO strategies for each blog (if applicable).

  • Our team will create two custom graphics per month specifically branded to the practice.

  • We will create one newsletter per month.

  • Your social media accounts will be active three days per week on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn highlighting your blog and outside resources that are compliance approved.


Sample Content:


Your CMO

Is the needle not moving from outreach to new clients? That could be because of several factors. CLICK HERE to find out more.

Just as the name implies, this is a true collaboration between you and the experienced marketing consultants on the Social Seed Marketing team. Together you will work on marketing strategies specifically created for your ideal client and develop content to convert your audience into clients.

Here's what this package includes:

  • Monthly marketing meeting to discuss ideal client issues to address in custom marketing.

  • Two custom-written pieces per month using the Social Seed Marketing content prompt system specifically for financial advisors.

  • Posting to advisor website and SEO optimization for each blog (if applicable).

  • Four custom graphics per month related to the custom content and specifically branded to the practice.

  • Editing two client-created videos per month, if needed.

  • Updating client's YouTube channel, if needed.

  • One newsletter per month.

  • Social engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn 3-5 times per week using custom content and outside resources researched for the advisor's ideal client.

  • Compliance management (we will work with your compliance department to get pieces approved, saving you time and headaches!).


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Staff Training

  • Online Courses on:

    • Social Media Scheduling​

    • Content Creation

    • Video Editing

    • Graphics Creation

    • Outside Article Research

  • 3 follow up support calls with Social Seed Marketing to address any questions.​

  • 2 months of Social Seed Marketing social media analysis of digital platforms in order to offer any suggestions or changes to posting.

  • Assistance creating any branded graphic templates (if needed).

  • Ongoing email support after completion of course.

  • Monthly content prompts for custom content.

$2000 one-time fee


Website Creation/Refresh

Your website is the foundation of your marketing - it's also often how you make a first impression.

If you have a website you're not happy with, let's change it! And if you're starting from scratch, we'll make sure your website captures your audience's attention and tells them more about how you can help them.

  • Custom content on Home page, About page, and secondary pages.

  • Guidance on image and video selection.

  • Web design services and/or coordinating with web platform regarding any custom work.

  • Helping you determine who your ideal client is so you can build the practice you want!


Company Newsletter

Social Seed Marketing will coordinate with you to create a visually appealing monthly newsletter with an engaging opening personal note and relevant articles and graphics. Our ultimate goal is to provide your readers with helpful information (establishing you as an expert) while also directing the reader back to your website to increase traffic and brand awareness. We can also assist with newsletter database updates. A one time set-up fee may apply.


Quote Graphics

Graphics are essential to making your social media platforms visually engaging and can promote discussion, shares, and more brand awareness. Social Seed Marketing will create custom graphics with either industry tips that you provide or other quotes that are in keeping with your industry. 


Custom Content

We believe that engaging, meaningful content is the foundation of all successful digital marketing. But we also know that not everyone enjoys the writing process.

Our custom content service works in collaboration with each individual client - after all, we can't market you without you being part of the process. You will provide our writers with an outline addressing your topic and we will work with you to create a piece that reflects your personality and knowledge.

Our price includes an original draft and two additional edited drafts with client input.

$100 - $300/piece

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