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Katie Tocquigny: Social Seed Marketing Digital Consultant

Katie Tocquigny is a Digital Marketing Consultant with Social Seed Marketing. We feel that it's important to know who you're working with and why they're passionate about what they do. Here's a little bit about Katie:

1. You came to Social Seed Marketing with a background in finance and insurance. Tell us a little more about that.

I began my career with a summer internship at a real estate investment company, Wells Real Estate Funds. I was an intern in the Compliance branch there, and it was a perfect foot in the door for me into both the finance and real estate worlds. While they wanted me to join them as a permanent employee after I graduated, they went on a hiring freeze with the economic crisis in Fall 2008 (I graduated the following May 2009).

I went to a job fair at my university in Atlanta that fall and talked to someone who worked at Aon Risk Services. I had a feeling I would like the company, so I applied and was offered a job in the Property Brokerage branch. That team was a great fit for me and taught me the ropes in the insurance industry, but I needed to move to Denver for family reasons in 2011. There was an opening in the Financial Services Claims team, which I eagerly accepted. After a few years with that team, I was recruited into the Account Management department to be client-focused, which is my real passion. Aon had so many opportunities, and I was grateful to work on three fabulous teams before I left to raise my daughter, Lexi!

2. Digital marketing was new to you when you started working with SSM. What do you think of this world? Are you enjoying it?

I have enjoyed the digital marketing world since the moment I joined! I love how relevant this work is – just about everyone participates on social media, and it has become especially critical for businesses as they need to stay current to attract and retain clients. SSM helps companies do just that, and I like helping our clients to keep their digital outreach up to date. It’s rewarding work, and you can see the impact you make daily.

3. Right now you’re in charge of scheduling content for SSM clients. What do you enjoy about that? Are there any industries you like researching more than others?

I have always enjoyed research and learning new things, and researching articles to schedule on behalf of our clients allows me to learn about topics I may not have thought of before while benefiting our clients in the process. As far as a favorite industry, this may sound like a cop-out, but I truly don’t have a preference on the industries I research! Right now I’m focused on real estate, divorce/divorce finances, and personal finance. I find all three of these subjects interesting and important, and it’s never hard to find new and noteworthy content in these areas.

4. What’s it like balancing work and family life?

Honestly? It’s hard!

I think you could ask any woman that question, and no matter what her life looks like – she could be like my sister, a talented, ambitious doctor who works long hours, or me, a stay at home mother working part time on the side – it’s a lot to juggle. You love your children and you want to be there for them as much as you can, but you also love to work and have an outlet for yourself where you challenge your mind. On top of that, there’s the “invisible” mental load of maintaining your home and family’s schedule. There are only 24 hours in a day!

I feel incredibly lucky to have found SSM where I have an understanding, flexible, and encouraging boss. As long as I get my work done, I can set my own hours, and I feel like I’m making a difference to the company. I don’t want to jinx it, but it’s the best of both worlds for me – I can be home with my daughter and also work a job I love!

5. Are there any other avenues within digital marketing that you would like to explore?

Yes! While I am pretty new to this world, I think I have a lot to offer. My strength is in working with clients, so I would love to support Catherine in that capacity. I also think I could help brainstorm and work on content, especially in the area of risk and insurance. It’s exciting to be at the beginning of a new chapter in my career and to be given opportunities to grow!

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