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Life Goals: You might have more control than you think

One of my clients, Lucila Williams with The Intentional Advisor, has a favorite quote:

I love this quote as well and the older I get and the further I hike into the unknown, I find this to be true: When you are vocal about what you want out of life, you have a greater chance of it actually happening.

But why is that?

I recently attended a conference for teenage boys with my son and had the privilege of listening to Chris Natzke, a local 7th Degree Black Belt/Master Instructor and he had us do an exercise.

“Look around the room and find everything that’s blue,” he said. Heads swiveled as we all did what he asked. “Now close your eyes and picture the room.”

I shut my eyes and could vividly see every piece of blue.

“Now tell me everything in the room that’s red.”

I was stumped.

It was an amazingly simple exercise that demonstrated how what we concentrate on is often what we see. So, if you allow negativity to rule your life, that’s all you’re going to see. Same thing with being positive.

And, I would assume, the same thing with goals.

So, while I’d like to think that the universe is helping me with where I’m going, I also think that by thinking about what I want, I’m also doing my part.

Because if I’m looking around the world and all I see are the things that are going to help me along the way, it’s almost as if the roadblocks aren’t even there.

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