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Pull on that Cape and be Your Client's Hero

I've given several presentations recently and one thing that seems to keep surprising the professionals attending is this: You are not the star of your marketing.

I don't blame people for being surprised; after all, aren't we all here to tell our ideal clients how perfect we are for them?

Well. Yes and no.

The thing is that I think so many professionals go about this the wrong way. We're so quick to list our qualifications on our websites and throughout social media that we forget to address one very important thing:

The client.

Yes, I think it's important that you are qualified to do my taxes and sell me a house and plan my financial future. Of course I want someone who has experience. But do you know what I want more than that?

I want my problem to be solved.

If your client is looking at your marketing and doesn't see themselves in it, chances are they're moving on to the next website. If all they see is you talking about YOU then they're not really getting what you can do for them.

With every blog post or home page you create, you need to ask yourself one central question:

What is the problem I need to solve for my client today?

That's actually such a simple way to generate great content...because our clients all have a problem to solve. Those problems are never-ending. If we ever run out of answers to that question then we need to be looking for another job. If you ask that question every day and keep the client's needs the central focus of your business, then you'll never run out of ways to help.

I realize that in some industries certifications and education are a must; after all, I don't want some doctor who wants to ease my pain but never went to medical school to take out my gallbladder.

But in many cases, that information is the stuff we're skimming over as a client. We see all the initials, the trademark symbols, and the degrees and then we start looking for who you really are. Are you the ONE PERSON who can help me with the problem I have?

Are you the hero I've been looking for?


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