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Website Pop-Ups: How NOT to annoy your readers

Pop-ups. I get questions about them all the time. Should I have any? Should I not? And if I do, what should it be?

The main point of a pop-up on your website is usually to generate leads and get more people subscribing to your newsletter or some sort of digital marketing. But we've all been annoyed by them which makes us hesitant to put them on our own websites.

I totally get it. I can barely read recipes that I click on through Pinterest because they're so full of ads. Forbes online has basically gotten to the point where I need to add 30 seconds to anything I'm reading just to allow for clicking things closed. It feels like I'm always being sold to. And, like you, I really don't like it.

So, how do you avoid being annoying?

Make it Worthwhile

Please don't create a pop-up just to create a pop-up. Truly think about what you're offering from the point-of-view of the reader. Frankly, what you're going to have to do is offer something of value for free. And I know that's hard to swallow because what you really want to do is make money on everything you put out there.

Give them an insider tip that only professionals in your industry know. Write a 25 page e-book as a freebie. How about a 20 minute online course on something you know your ideal client is probably confused about?

If it's not something you would normally charge money for, now it's just a digital fly on your reader's computer screen and they can't wait to kill it.

Make it Easy

The second they enter in their email address, your offer should show up in their inbox. This might take some time for you to figure out because it needs to be automated. Even better, it needs to be followed up with a thoughtful email a few days later asking if they enjoyed what they received and if they have any questions. ALWAYS BE IN SERVICE TO THE CLIENT! And don't make the reader jump through hoops to get what you're offering.


THIS IS POSSIBLY THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO KEEP IN MIND. Do NOT have the pop-up jump out at the reader the moment they get to your website - that is such a turn-off. All pop-ups can be timed to appear when you want them to.

For example: I've had a pop-up on my website this summer for a promo I was running, but it would only show up after the reader had been on the site for at least 10-15 seconds. If they've been on your site that long, something has peaked their interest. At that point it's okay to say, "Hey! Do you like what you see? Let me give you something for free!"

As always, if you have any questions or just need to bounce some ideas off someone...that's what I'm here for:


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