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Just Keep Posting, Just Keep Posting...

As I've explained in many presentations...content is never wasted.

I can see the defeat in the eyes of many audience members when I tell them that creating content is the key to building a following and engaging an audience. It's pretty much the same reaction I get when I tell them they should start a newsletter.

Typically, people don't want to start a newsletter because they don't think they have enough people in their database. Here's the thing: if you have two people, you have enough.

When it comes to creating content, I know they're feeling overwhelmed because they don't know where to start. And I get that. I feel that way sometimes when I look at a blank page and a blinking cursor, too.

But it's important to start somewhere and it's important to keep on a schedule. Here's why.

Even if you just start off with two blogs a month, that content builds. And don't think that effort has gone to waste; as long as you're not addressing something specific to that year or that month, the content can be reposted.


Here's an example: I had a piece I wrote months ago about niching your business. I've posted it quite a few times since then and it's gotten minimal response. However, one day I reposted it and for some reason it got 40 likes on LinkedIn, which is a HUGE response for me.

I can't tell you why. There is no reason for it. All I know is that it hit a nerve at the right time and people really started responding to it.

So, when you're dragging your feet (or your fingers) creating content, remember that each thing you write or record is building a library for you for future use. It's not just something you're putting up once and then it goes away. Keep using it and reposting it.

You never know when it's going to resonate with people!

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