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How to Talk to Your Financial Planning Clients About What's Going On

If you're sitting back in your office chair today and assuming your clients feel fine about the market because they've got you as their advisor...think again. Even the most seasoned investor is probably feeling more than a little nervous.

I have personally reached out to all of my clients and advised them to touch base with their client database, either through email or digital marketing (preferably both) to give their thoughts about what's going on.

I hope you caught that last part: GIVE THEM YOUR THOUGHTS.

No market analysis is going to cut it right now when it comes to connecting with your clients. They want to hear from you and know what you think. They want reassurance that you've planned for market volatility. They want tangible instruction and advice that will make them feel more in control.

So, if this isn't on your to-do list today...shuffle things around so that it is. This is where you prove to your clients that financial planning isn't just about numbers; it's about you listening to their concerns and being brave enough to address them.

Things to keep in mind:

1. This doesn't have to be a flashy newsletter. A plain old email is fine.

2. Think of your client base: Are they young investors? Closer to retirement? A mix? Really put yourself in their shoes and talk to them as you would a friend.

3. Don't talk over their heads. Right now is the time for common sense education about market volatility. Make sure to really think about your clients' level of financial education and address there where they are.

As I mentioned before, this is your opportunity to show your clients that you have more than their finances in mind; you really are looking out for their well-being. It's usually during times of crises when we find out if the professional services we're using (veterinarians, doctors, accountants, etc.) are truly the right fit for us.

Use this moment to reassure your clients that they were right to choose you as their advisor.

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