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No One Wants to Hear About the Coronavirus Anymore

I'm picturing you with a "WTF" look on your face as you read the title of this blog. "What do you mean 'no one wants to hear about the coronavirus'? EVERYONE wants to hear about it!"

Well...yes and no.

The news is bad. There's no getting around that. From the stock market to full states on lockdown, we're so inundated with bad news that it's become mentally and physically exhausting.

And I believe the tide is turning on what people actually want to hear.

During the last two weeks, I've had my clients focus a lot on their thoughts about what's been going on. Because I work mainly with financial advisors (and one interior designer because I like to look at pretty things), it's been important for them to not just talk about market trends...they need to tell their clients what they think and offer some reassurance, if possible.

So, now we know what's going on. Other than bad news on top of bad news, the news isn't anything new. And I know I'm not the only one who is starting to get extremely cautious about how much news I'm watching and reading and even more cautious about the source and subject.

Right now, I'm much more likely to click on an article about how the canals in Vienna are clearing up because of the lack of traffic rather than the latest death toll in Italy. Yes, I'm putting my head in the sand a little, but I think that's necessary right now. It's what keeps my mental health a little bit balanced.

Now that the reality of what we're experiencing is truly starting to sink it, we don't need more articles telling us how bad it is - we know that. People's attention on social media and digital marketing in general is now more interested in two things:

  1. How can we help solve the problems we're experiencing?

  2. How can I take control of a very out-of-control situation?

Those two questions should be the only things you're thinking about when it comes to your messaging because everyone is desperate for a silver lining right now. So, in my effort to help others, I want to give you some ideas about how you can start generating information that's desperately needed right now.

Courses and Online Training

People are stuck at home right now and a lot of them aren't used to it. This is the perfect opportunity to offer your expertise in an online course or Facebook/LinkedIn Live. Lots of virtual events are going on, and people are loving it. Think of something you can offer and do it! Don't overthink it. Also - don't charge for it. Consider this brand awareness and helping your fellow man.

Virtual Support/Social Interaction

I'm personally so excited about some of the virtual stuff going on because I get to participate in more things that I couldn't before because I always had kid drop off/pick up. Now I can do it all from the comfort of my own home! I've even had clients ask me if I would set something up so they can talk to a group about navigating the next few months with their business and just get support in general. That's on my list for next week!

Give the People What They Want

Think of your clients and what they're struggling with right now. Kids at home? A less than stocked pantry? Forget all the "industry speak" - offer things like recipes you can make with 5 ingredients or ideas about what to do with the kids (and please don't make it a color-coded schedule). Do you teach yoga or like to meditate? Do it on Facebook Live in the middle of the day! As one of my favorite clients says, "People don't want vegetables (i.e., industry news) all the time when it comes to what you put out on social media and in emails."

Mix it up a little and let your humanity show!

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