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Creating Peaceful Marketing During a Time of Chaos

When it comes to marketing these days, we walk a very fine line. We can't be divisive, which could happen very easily given how sensitive things are right now. Everything from whether or not you agree with wearing a mask to outings with your family to a local restaurant could potentially start an argument.

Like venturing out downtown right now...nothing is safe.

So, what do we do? How can we stay connected with current and potential clients about business issues without seeming insensitive to what's going on?

Here are a few ideas:


I think it's possible to quickly acknowledge what's happening and then move on to a lighter topic - and it might not even be business related. Now is not the time to bombard people with market statistics and a real estate analysis (or if you do, put it in combination with something fun). Our heads are swimming and our attention span is non-existent.

Here's an example: "With everything going on these days, I'm appreciating time with my family. Here's a new favorite recipe we just tried!"

You could include a picture of your family gathering on your back porch or at the dinner table. At a time when we're all starved for meaningful connection, this could be a welcome distraction - and it allows your clients to get to know you on a personal level.


One of my clients recently emailed me asking if I had any ideas for her upcoming newsletter. It's summer - a time when we typically relax a little more - but this summer will be VERY different for all of us. I suggested that we provide people with book and podcast suggestions that are related to her industry. As we all try to "escape" while staying at home, many people are desperate for new things to do. Feel free to add a "mental floss" suggestion, too! Maybe a beach read you've loved or something fun you've binged.


Social media has become the train wreck many of us can't look away from - but we want to. I have been addicted to Facebook for much of the last 10 years, but even now it's become too much for me; I'm even "snoozing" people I agree with because I just can't stand the onslaught of posts.

You know what I am clicking on? EMAIL. I think that email marketing is going to be more and more popular during the next few weeks, even months. If someone has taken the time to send me an email, I know it's not something they've just blindly hit "share" to pass on - they've taken the time to send something that I might find helpful. From retailers to service providers, I've been reading more and more emails the last few weeks...and less social media.

I think that as the weeks go on, more and more of us are going to be looking for resources that are informative without being inflammatory - and that's where you can be an asset. It is more important than ever to think about where your clients are mentally so that you can help them.

That could mean thinking outside the box about what you're putting out into the world. It could mean less self-promotion and more general goodwill. But I truly believe that people will remember those who helped in small ways during this turbulent time.

Even if it was just with a good recipe.

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