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3 Ways to Automate Your Marketing (that will save you time)

If you're a solo entrepreneur, chances are you find it nearly impossible to market your business. Of course you do! You're to busy WORKING your business.

But marketing is a necessary evil. Even if you feel like your pipeline is full now (making it even harder to find time to market), there will come a time when you'll regret not working ahead to keep generating more interest.

Here are 3 ways to market your business that each build on the other:

1. Create a short video tutorial

I know that sounds like something you probably don't want to do, but think about it: have you had people ask you the same question over and over again that takes you time to answer?

Creating a video tutorial (a one and done or even a series) will free up your time. Instead of explaining something AGAIN...just send someone the link.

You can set something like this up for free in YouTube or Vimeo or go the extra mile and use something like Kajabi if you think it's something you might want to charge for down the line.

2. Develop an opt-in

Yes, you can just send someone a link or have the link on your website, but what about trying to capture the information of the person who is interested in what you're doing?

Most web designers can help you create a landing page so that before someone has access to the free tutorial you just created, they have to enter in their email address (or whatever information you require). Having someone's email address is VERY valuable - you're able to follow up with them and see if they need any other services from you or offer discounts to make them clients.

3. Create a drip email campaign

You've created the opt-in - now what?

Rather than manually going in and following up with each lead, have those email addresses automatically go into a database in your email marketing platform. This is extremely simple to do in MailChimp and Constant Contact (and many other CRMs).

Once it goes there, set up a campaign of eight or more emails that "drip" out to the customer (don't spam them) that automatically follow up FOR you.

The Benefits of Automation

Yes, it takes a little time up front. But think of how much time you'll save by...

  1. Not answering the same question over and over again.

  2. Getting someone's contact information without chasing them down.

  3. Following up with them over a 2-3 month period without doing a thing (other than the initial set up).


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