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Don't Have Time for Social Media? Try This ONE THING Before You Quit

I'm going to make this short and sweet because this blog is really about how many of us don't have time for social media - so I don't want to waste your time here.

We all know it's something we SHOULD be doing, but it DOES take a lot of time. That's why I recommend the following:


Don't be everywhere at once - that's a complete time suck. The people who have had great success on social media are usually just focusing on one platform and they're there consistently building a network.


Ideally, you should be where your clients are, but I think it's possible to find your clients anywhere. I started on Facebook with my grief group and built my audience because that's where they were and that's where I was most comfortable. Now, I'm more LinkedIn focused - again, because I just like being there. But guess what? If you click on my Instagram account you'll find it pretty lacking. That's because it's not my favorite platform. Go where you're comfortable and make the effort there.


We put so much pressure on ourselves to have robust digital marketing CAMPAIGNS. Let it go. Forget the words "strategy" and "campaign" and just get on and socialize where you're comfortable. On both Facebook and LinkedIn I've whittled down my contacts so that I actually like to be there. I don't want to engage with people about politics and read rants in my newsfeed. I just want to get on, get educated, share some of my knowledge, and support others who share theirs. It's really that simple.

I'm not telling you to delete your Facebook business page or not have a LinkedIn profile if you don't want to be there. Keep them for now. You never know when your focus might change and you might shift over to the other platform.

The point is that if you don't have hours every week to dedicate to social media...then don't do it. Find where your peeps are and just sink your business teeth in there. You'll be surprised how much traction you can get by sticking to one platform.

And keep in mind that most of the major thought leaders out there aren't personally on every platform; they're really active on one and then probably have staff populate the rest. But most of them built their audience using one platform and building an audience.

You can do the same!


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