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Don't Need New Clients? You Still Need to Market

This topic has come up a few times in the last month: If I don't need any new I REALLY need to market my business?


Not every business gets to the point where they don't have to actively fill their pipeline. And if you're there...that's HUGE.

But even still need to invest in some marketing.

Chances are that you've gotten to where you are because you've established yourself as a great resource for your clients. They liked what you had to say, you kept them informed, and they shared your information with people they know - thus, giving you the client load you were looking for.

Now that you're as busy as you want to be, you might want to shift your focus from client acquisition to being the resource your clients signed up for.

  1. Keep them informed of changes in the industry that might apply to them.

  2. Are there new products/services that they should be aware of that would benefit them?

If you're thinking you don't need to market anymore because YOU'VE gotten what you wanted out of it, I have news for you.


It was about the client.

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