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Find Something You're Good at that Others Hate Doing

Let me start this blog by saying I love my job - and I should. I own my own business which means I've been free to create exactly what I want to do.

The thing is...very few people like doing what I do.

I was speaking with another marketing professional last week who had gotten my name from a mutual colleague. We're all in digital marketing in some way, but I work with the financial industry which - frankly - most marketing people don't want to touch.

Like most professionals I've gotten pretty enmeshed in my work and after niching myself to only work with financial planners, I've gotten good at it. But I didn't realize exactly how deep I'd gone into this world until I spoke with this other marketing professional.

"So, can my client do email marketing?" she asked.

"It depends," I said. "We'll have to check with their compliance office."

"Okay, I'm going to completely rebrand them," she said.

"That's fine," I replied, "but you should know that their website is hosted on a compliance-approved platform so there will be limitations to what you can do."

This conversation went on for the better part of an hour and it occurred to me, as I was saying out loud the steps it would take to market this client, how truly weird my job is. It reminded me of being in college and having a sorority sister walk into the room halfway through Days of Our Lives and trying to explain to her what was going on.

"Well, she's come back from the dead but just found out she's married to her half brother who is also her cousin and now she's going to try to take over her dad's company because he was the one who wanted to keep her in a coma."

It just doesn't make sense.

What I realized is that I've managed to find a job that I love that has the added bonus of being overwhelming and annoying to other people.

That's one of the key factors in marketing my business: figuring out what is irritating to the financial advisor and what another marketing professional won't want to take on and make it efficient and possible.

Ironically, I feel the same way about financial planning. I don't want to do it. I find it annoying and overwhelming. So, I'm going to contact a professional to handle my finances.

What is it about YOUR job that you love that others would hate to take on? And how can you leverage that in your marketing and networking?


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