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People are Lazy. Don't Make it Too Hard to Understand Your Value

I've been re-reading Donald Miller's Building a Story Brand for my upcoming mastermind meeting. As always, he has great pearls of wisdom when it comes to marketing.

One of the things that he and I agree on is the fundamental belief that people are lazy. I can't tell you how many times I've had a client say, "Don't you think I have the CONTACT ME button in too many places?"

No. I don't.

People don't even want to move their little finger and be forced to scroll and find how they can get in touch with you. They don't want to think too hard about what you offer. They want it all there on a silver platter so they can schedule an appointment and have you take care of whatever problem they're having.

As with most things when it comes to the digital world, many of us turn to the internet to find evidence that what we already believe is true. Or, as Donald Miller puts it:

People may hear about us through work of mouth or social media, but they definitely go to our website to learn more. When they get to our website, their "hopes need to be confirmed," and they need to be convinced we have a solution to their problem.

In other words, if someone is visiting our website...they already know they need our services. It's up to us to get them to the finish line.

How do we do that?

Clear concise messaging:

  • Identify their problem and sympathize with them

  • Clearly state how we're the perfect person to solve the issue

Offering opportunities to get to know us better:

  • Email marketing

  • Social media platforms

  • Blogs

  • Videos

Giving them value:

  • Free education

  • Free initial consultations

Making it easy:

  • Put calls to action clearly and often throughout your website and marketing

Good marketing is actually pretty simple. We, as business owners, are the ones who make it too complicated. Think of the moments you've been in your clients' shoes, trying to find a resource or service. Think of how impatient and frustrated you feel when it's hard to find.

Then think of your relief when you have that Goldilocks moment and realize you've found just the right fit.


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