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Small Business Marketing: Target Who Matters & Let Go of the Rest

When I look at trends in content marketing, I get excited about trying new things...up to a point.

Then I start looking at what they're recommending and think, "Does this REALLY apply to me and my business?"

For me and most of the businesses I consult for, mass marketing really doesn't apply to us. I don't need to reach an audience of 100,000 people each month because I don't want to grow my business to that scale. I don't necessarily NEED to be #1 in a Google search for what I do because, frankly, I'd rather my current clients refer me to people they know. So, yes, I want a great website and good social media presence, but I don't necessarily want to attract strangers off the street as possible clients.

There is a lot of emphasis in large outreach, but for many business owners, that's not really what we want. If you're hoping to get 10-20 new clients a year, you don't need to reach hundreds of thousands of people.

You just need to reach the RIGHT people.

Create Content that Your Ideal Client Will Share

Seriously hone in on your message and your tips/advice and put information out there that will apply to a handful of people. Really think about what would one REALLY GOOD client want to know about?

Talk to Your Favorite Clients

Don't be shy about asking your favorite clients what questions they have or what they've found helpful about your services. Take their suggestions and expand them into information that they might want to share with the people they know.

Don't Worry About Your Email List

I can't tell you how many people hesitate to start a regular email campaign because they feel like their email list is too small. You have to start somewhere and people will share helpful information. If you don't start, you'll never know if it works.

Put Together Small Events

If you're hoping to attract a small number of quality clients, put together fun events and offer to let your ideal clients bring a friend. There are tons of fun things you can do in person and virtually and because you're keeping it small you can make it really special. Don't talk business (unless it comes up naturally). Just let people get to know you on a personal level.

Embrace Your Smallness

Big companies can't pivot the way you can. They can't decide, "I want to send this quick tip out to my email audience now" and just do it. Emphasize to your ideal client that you offer personalized service. Let people get to know you beyond your business. That goes a long way to building client relationships that last.


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