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26% of Investors Find Their Information in Finance Blogs

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In a recent content marketing seminar hosted by Advisor Stream, they covered a lot of what you probably already know:

  • Content marketing is a great way to build trust.

  • It's important to be consistent.

  • You need to know who you're talking to (i.e., ideal client).

They also presented a couple of statistics that I found particularly interesting:

  • 53% of investors get their information from news sources.

  • 26% of investors get their information from finance blogs.

So, why is this interesting?

The Power of Finance Blogs

The 53% are turning to news sources because they have confidence that the information presented has been researched and verified. They know - with reasonable certainty - that they can count on that information to make educated decisions.

The 26% says the same thing about finance blogs. If your strategy is to create content that people can count on and trust, then it's likely they'll keep coming back for more of what you have to say.

However, what finance blogs - or financial planning blogs in this case - can do that often news sources can't is speak to a specific audience and provide context to the information they're giving. While financial news can provide investors with market statistics, financial planning blogs can provide them with how those numbers apply to THEM.

At Social Seed Marketing, we use both the news and the power of blogging to increase a client's audience and engage new leads. Here's how we build a blog:

  • We decide on a specific topic with the financial advisor's ideal client in mind.

  • We collaborate with the advisor so that we can use their experience and financial knowledge in the piece.

  • We also talk to the advisor about their personal experience with that topic, if applicable.

  • We research and find supporting statistics and resources to give the piece more credibility and outbound links that help with their SEO.

Twenty-six percent is a huge chunk of investors looking for reliable resources.

Are they finding you?


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