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You Never Know What Might Resonate with Your Audience

Sometimes it pays to think outside the box when it comes to content marketing. Just ask my client, Debbie Charpentier.

Debbie is always open to ideas when it comes to creating original content. She's also extremely active in her community and likes to highlight organizations that are important to her.

Last week, she posted an interview on LinkedIn with a fellow member of Kern County Women in STEM - an organization that supports women in STEM roles. As of right now, that post has almost 3,000 views.

But how can that help her business?

1. New people are now accessing her blog and finding out more about her.

2. She's letting professional women - especially women in STEM - know that she's there to support them...and they just might need a financial planner

3. She is allowing people to get to know her better by posting about something that's important to her - and that builds trust.

So, think outside the box a little bit when it comes to your marketing. It doesn't ALL have to be education about what you do. You never know what might resonate with your community and draw more people to you!


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