Creating Brand Awareness as a Financial Advisor

This is a tough subject to talk about with most financial advisors because 99% of of you love numbers and want to know exactly where every penny is going. Unfortunately, not all social media marketing is that easy to track. So, when I start talking about brand awareness, but can't tell you: IF YOU PUT ($$$) INTO YOUR WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT YOU'LL GET ($$$) IN VIABLE LEADS. ...that's where I lose most of you. The truth is that spending time and money on your brand WILL have a direct impact on the leads you bring in. Think about it this way: Let's say you're ready to move and you're looking for a realtor. Are you going to choose the one that exudes confidence or the one that looks like they just

Finding Your Niche As An Advisor Will Make Your Marketing SO MUCH EASIER

I feel like I should start this blog with a confession: I find this "rule" hard to implement myself. As I was redesigning my website I, once again, created content that was geared toward all service providers. After all, shouldn't that be enough of a niche? As it turns So, depending on when you're reading this blog, I may or may not have changed most of the content on my website to appeal to financial advisors. I'm doing my best to follow my own advice, but like you I find it hard to do. Here's the thing. When I think about niching myself even further than I am, I feel two things: 1. Scared of possibly turning away business from other industries. 2. Relieved that I only have to con

The Magic Button: Why My Clients Love My Online Scheduling Tool

Website features and trends are constantly changing and sometimes hard to keep up with. It's a little disheartening to realize that the website you paid thousands to create 5 years ago could be obsolete and not doing what you paid it to do. Years ago, no one had any content on their homepages - it was all about graphics. Now, homepages are long and packed with text. For the service industry, the more personal you can make your website the better, which is a deviation from the "industry-speak" that was popular several years ago. But probably the easiest change you can make as a service provider is creating a way for your potential clients to set up a meeting with you. Now, you might be thinki

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