Responsiveness vs. Process: Is there a right answer?

You might be tired of me mentioning this book yet again, but the fact that I'm still writing about it should tell you that it's really good. My epiphanies while reading The Power of Moments have been trickling in because my Mastermind group has been slowly reading it over the last few months. I love that because it really gives us the opportunity to process what we've read, discuss how we might implement the ideas, and get feedback from each other. We finished the book during our last meeting and once again the discussion was really helpful to all of us. Toward the end of the meeting, I brought up a sentence in the book that really made me think: Responsiveness is not compatible with a canne

An Important Business Lesson I've Learned From Playing Pool

If I'm being honest, there are probably several business lessons hidden in the game of pool like, "Don't drink too much or you'll suck at it" and "Don't bet all you've got in your wallet on one shot." But in this case I'm going to focus on one that we can all use. First - a moment of honesty. I'm not even talking about regular pool. I'm talking about the app version that my 14-year-old daughter and I are constantly playing. I will say, though, that playing the video game version has actually helped my pool game in ways I've never expected. But maybe that will be another random blog post. Sarah and I always play the game that starts out with twice as many balls on the table than a normal game

This is How You Get People to Open Your Social Media Posts

This morning I was thinking about the several digital marketing services I use on behalf of my financial planning clients and how much I love them except for one thing: how they format their social media posts. They're offering great article solutions that are compliance approved, so it should be a no-brainer that the advisor just schedules them and walks away. Unfortunately, I've been advising my clients that that's exactly what they should NOT be doing. The platforms will post great information about kids moving home during the pandemic and how that can affect your finances or how to pay for college while still saving for retirement - things we all really need to know about. But the "tease

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