Do Your Clients Have a Right to Know if You're Pro or Anti-Mask?

Lots of businesses have been slowly opening up which means they've had to (hopefully) take a look at how they run things. For my clients who are service providers, it also means they've had to make some changes. Many are still working remotely, but some have opened up some in-person meetings. I've encouraged everyone to post their policies surround COVID-19 (if necessary) and we're doing that for several reasons: 1. We're communicating that we're sensitive to the issue and have given it a lot of thought. 2. It's another way to promote the business, what they offer, and how they can still serve people at this time. But there is one thing that's missing from many of the COVID-19 policies that

How to Post on Social Media Without Losing Your Audience

To say that the atmosphere these days is "charged" is an understatement; from mask-wearing to our personal experience with race...the digital marketing space often feels like a minefield. I shared tips on creating peaceful posts during this chaotic time in a previous blog. This time I want to back up and address how to stay active on social media while making sure you're not endangering your business. Here are your choices: 1. Be the "Light" Newsfeed This option is the closest to what I was referring to in my previous blog. As a colleague of mine once told me, "You don't always want to serve vegetables when it comes to your content." There are many people out there who are skimming through t

Creating Peaceful Marketing During a Time of Chaos

When it comes to marketing these days, we walk a very fine line. We can't be divisive, which could happen very easily given how sensitive things are right now. Everything from whether or not you agree with wearing a mask to outings with your family to a local restaurant could potentially start an argument. Like venturing out downtown right now...nothing is safe. So, what do we do? How can we stay connected with current and potential clients about business issues without seeming insensitive to what's going on? Here are a few ideas: FUN & MEANINGFUL INSPIRATION I think it's possible to quickly acknowledge what's happening and then move on to a lighter topic - and it might not even be business

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