No One Wants to Hear About the Coronavirus Anymore

I'm picturing you with a "WTF" look on your face as you read the title of this blog. "What do you mean 'no one wants to hear about the coronavirus'? EVERYONE wants to hear about it!" Well...yes and no. The news is bad. There's no getting around that. From the stock market to full states on lockdown, we're so inundated with bad news that it's become mentally and physically exhausting. And I believe the tide is turning on what people actually want to hear. During the last two weeks, I've had my clients focus a lot on their thoughts about what's been going on. Because I work mainly with financial advisors (and one interior designer because I like to look at pretty things), it's been important f

How to Talk to Your Financial Planning Clients About What's Going On

If you're sitting back in your office chair today and assuming your clients feel fine about the market because they've got you as their advisor...think again. Even the most seasoned investor is probably feeling more than a little nervous. I have personally reached out to all of my clients and advised them to touch base with their client database, either through email or digital marketing (preferably both) to give their thoughts about what's going on. I hope you caught that last part: GIVE THEM YOUR THOUGHTS. No market analysis is going to cut it right now when it comes to connecting with your clients. They want to hear from you and know what you think. They want reassurance that you've plann

Just Keep Posting, Just Keep Posting...

As I've explained in many presentations...content is never wasted. I can see the defeat in the eyes of many audience members when I tell them that creating content is the key to building a following and engaging an audience. It's pretty much the same reaction I get when I tell them they should start a newsletter. Typically, people don't want to start a newsletter because they don't think they have enough people in their database. Here's the thing: if you have two people, you have enough. When it comes to creating content, I know they're feeling overwhelmed because they don't know where to start. And I get that. I feel that way sometimes when I look at a blank page and a blinking cursor, too.

Why Opposites Attract in Digital Marketing

Being an overthinker, I've thought long and hard about why I enjoy what I do so much. There are the obvious answers: I love writing and I've always been an idea-a-minute person. So, marketing scratches both of those itches. But the less obvious answer is the one that solves the "why do I love working with financial advisors so much" question. If I'm being honest, I'm a pretty vague planner and numbers usually make me glaze over. I have never had any interest in the market and have happily turned over my personal financial planning duties to my sister, a CFP®. Perhaps those are the EXACT reasons why I love working with advisors so much. I started my business working with service providers in

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