How to Get Your Clients to Trip Over the Truth

For the last few months, I've been participating in a mastermind group that I LOVE. If you've never been in one or you're currently in one that doesn't keep you motivated, I recommend finding a group that encourages and educates you as much as mine does. It's a business-changer. One of our recent "assignments" was to read The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact by Chip Heath & Dan Heath. I highly recommend this book both personally and professionally; it's readable, relatable, and truly inspiring. It will make you want to create memorable moments with your clients and your family in simple yet impactful ways. In Chapter 5, the Heaths discuss "tripping over the

An Email Marketing Analogy Financial Advisors Will Understand

I recently received an email from an advisor client who asked this question: It seems like our newsletter open rates have gone down because of summer. Should we stop sending them for a few months? Of course my immediate answer was no and there are lots of reasons for that. Probably the most important one (and I've seen this happen) is if you suddenly stop or switch your newsletter schedule...people wonder if you've gone out of business. But that's the easy answer. The truth is that many advisors hesitate when it comes to email marketing for a variety of reasons. So, I'd like to address them in a way that the financial community will understand. I don't have that many contacts in my database.

Colorado Home Realty's Recipe for Success: An Interview with Broker Samantha Dardano

I've known Samantha Dardano for years through a local networking group - and for most of that time she's been associated with the same real estate agency. So, when she made a switch to Colorado Home Realty, I was curious to find out why. Along with looking for a better fit and just needing a change, she also mentioned how CHR sets their brokers up for success with the many digital marketing resources they offer. I immediately noticed a difference in her social media outreach - her videos were getting more likes, her graphics were eye-catching and professional, and her individual website had everything she needed to attract new clients built right into the platform. So, I decided to ask her w

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