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The Power of Guest Blogging: It's Time to Find Digital Partners

I'm always looking for ways to expand my clients' audiences for minimum or no cost. After all, you can spend tons of money on advertising, but what people really respond to is word-of-mouth or referrals.

One of the most powerful tools in my arsenal is guest blogging. Here's what you should consider:

It's Less Work for You

By asking someone else to write a guest blog, you're basically getting free content for your website. I typically give the guest two options: they can either completely write a guest blog on their own or I can provide them with about six questions that they can answer and we'll publish it in a Q&A form. I always say the following in my email:

  • If it's a Q&A, I'll tell them to choose at least three questions to answer and let them know if we didn't ask a question they think should be addressed, they're welcome to add it and answer it.

  • Remind them to send you a short bio and headshot that you can include in the guest blog to give them credit and let people know where to find out more about them (they LOVE this).

It Increases Your Visibility and Your Website's Traffic

So, you've posted the guest blog on your website. Now what do you do? You share it on your social media platforms and in your email marketing. And if you do it right...the person who provided the guest blog will do that as well.

This means that you've now really increased your brand's visibility because your website is now in front of an entirely new audience. Not only that, you're increasing the traffic to your website.

Here are a few tips:

  • Take the time to tag the professional in your social media post. "Thank you @catherinetidd with @socialseedmarketing for your guest blog about digital marketing!" This then notifies the other professional that you've posted the blog and increased their visibility by tagging their name/page.

  • Send the professional the live link to their guest post on your website so they can share it on their pages and in their email marketing as well.

  • Keep posting it. If it's not time-sensitive information remember that you can use it again and again.

Guest Blogging is AWESOME Digital Networking

I have yet to contact someone and ask them if they'll participate in a Q&A and have them turn me down. People are THRILLED to do it because you're basically giving them free advertising. They'll remember this offer and you'll probably rise on their list of referral partners.


This isn't just for written blogs - this can also be used as video content, too. Use Zoom and record the interview if you can't get together in person. If this is something you want to regularly do, you might even consider creating a YouTube channel or podcast.

Have questions about how to do that? Email me at!

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