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Video vs. Written Content: Which should you do?

When it comes to content marketing, I do what I can to keep my clients in their comfort zones. Nothing will shut down a campaign faster than their frustration.

I'm often asked which is more powerful: written or video content. And I know you're going to be excited to hear this...but I don't have an answer for that.

Some people are just naturally comfortable recording quick and casual videos. Some people would rather walk on broken glass than get in front of a camera. Some people love writing while that is a stumbling block so big for others that they don't tackle content marketing at all.

Here are my thoughts.

Just as there are people who creating videos and/or writing blogs...there are people out there who would rather read a blog OR watch a video. I, personally, would rather write a blog than film a video and likewise I'd rather read a blog about a subject than watch a video. I think that you will attract people who respond to what you're naturally comfortable with.

If you're comfortable with both. Decide on a subject and write a blog about it and then film a quick 2-3 minute video about the same subject. Again, now you're attracting people who like reading and watching videos. Not only that, but you're doing it about the same subject, so you're doubling your exposure without a ton of effort.

If you're NOT comfortable with both, think about outsourcing one or the other to someone in your office. Do you love writing the content, but hate doing the video? See if someone else might want to do it! They'll love being involved and you'll take something else off your plate.

One more thing.

Remember that the purpose of the outreach is to educate and connect with potential clients. Try to be as approachable as possible and discuss topics that they're interested in. Sometimes it could even be something fun like a recipe/cooking tutorial! When it comes to video, it's okay if it's not perfect as long as you're getting your message across. When it comes to written content, write it as though you're having a conversation. People respond to what they feel emotionally connected have fun!

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