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Colorado Home Realty's Recipe for Success: An Interview with Broker Samantha Dardano

I've known Samantha Dardano for years through a local networking group - and for most of that time she's been associated with the same real estate agency. So, when she made a switch to Colorado Home Realty, I was curious to find out why.

Along with looking for a better fit and just needing a change, she also mentioned how CHR sets their brokers up for success with the many digital marketing resources they offer. I immediately noticed a difference in her social media outreach - her videos were getting more likes, her graphics were eye-catching and professional, and her individual website had everything she needed to attract new clients built right into the platform.

So, I decided to ask her what exactly was working for her at Colorado Home Realty and how they make looking professional through digital marketing so much easier.


Was what CHR offered as far as digital marketing support a factor in choosing a broker?

Yes! They offer a slew of resources to my clients. They offer these marketing items in print form and digital form which may appeal to different types of clients.

What elements of the CHR digital marketing set up do you find helpful?

Basically they do it for me and provide a link that I can e-mail to clients, such as process for first time home buyers, process for buying and selling a home, virtual open houses, virtual tours, etc. When I have new listings they develop social media images of the home for me to post on all of my sites. Also on my listings, they help me produce a listing video for me to send to my client list and social media sites. I also give my clients the links on their home so they can share it on their sites.

What sets CHR apart from other brokers when it comes to helping you with your marketing?

CHR has a full time marketing department of 6 people!

What kind of response have you gotten when you've put your new digital marketing material out on social media?

My clients have been so impressed by the marketing options I provide. They love the exposure!


I know you know this, but I'll say it anyway: Digital marketing is not going away. For those businesses who have consultants or business partners working with them, it's time to figure out how you can create marketing features that work for them. This is also a vital part of your succession planning; if you want a younger generation to help you grow your business, having systems in place that will entice them to work with you will be crucial.

Thank you for your time, Sam, and I wish you continued success with Colorado Home Realty!

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