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An Important Business Lesson I've Learned From Playing Pool

If I'm being honest, there are probably several business lessons hidden in the game of pool like, "Don't drink too much or you'll suck at it" and "Don't bet all you've got in your wallet on one shot." But in this case I'm going to focus on one that we can all use.

First - a moment of honesty. I'm not even talking about regular pool. I'm talking about the app version that my 14-year-old daughter and I are constantly playing. I will say, though, that playing the video game version has actually helped my pool game in ways I've never expected. But maybe that will be another random blog post.

Sarah and I always play the game that starts out with twice as many balls on the table than a normal game. So, the pool table is completely covered in balls. Once you've been assigned stripes or solids you can only hit your designated balls in order for the play to count. In other words - you have to navigate around a LOT of extra balls in the beginning just to make any headway.

When we first start out, it's rare that we get several balls in the pocket in a row because the table is just too cluttered; it's so hard to navigate around the balls that won't earn us the win. But as more balls disappear, it gets easier to make the shot.

What the heck does this have to do with business??

Any seasoned business person has heard over and over again that you should niche your business in order to grow - I know that's certainly worked for me. The moment I said, "I'm going to work with financial professionals" my business grew exponentially.


Because I no longer had to navigate around all those extra balls on the table and my shots got easier.

My attention wasn't all over the place as I tried to research 15 other types of business. I could focus on one area - one shot - and that made the game so much easier. It set me up for the win.

I know, I know. Your mind has been blown wide open by this analogy.

Just wait until I compare successful business practices to beer pong.

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