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3 Ways to Motivate People to Make a Financial Planning Appointment

What is the number one problem that most financial planners have? Getting someone to make an appointment.

Whether it’s an initial consultation or an annual review, that is the problem I am constantly trying to help my clients solve as a marketing consultant.

You might be wondering WHY this falls under the “marketing” heading and I’ll tell you:

Marketing’s “job” is to inspire people to take action – whether it’s making a purchase or engaging a service.

The problem with financial planning is that it sounds dull, overwhelming, and like the last thing we want to do. And there’s a reason for that.

It’s because that’s how financial planners approach it.

When you think about the mindset of most clients, it’s hard for them to take charge of the future when they have concerns today. They also have things they want to do now and aren’t really motivated by what they could be doing in 50 years.

So, when you say, “Let’s make an appointment so we can talk about your retirement planning”…that’s likely not what’s going to motivate them. And that’s what this is all about.

“Retirement planning” is too abstract; it’s too far off and too easy to worry about later. I have things I want now and things I want to look forward to in the next couple of years.

STEP 1: Get them to make the appointment

Here are a few things that would get me to make an appointment:

1. A financial advisor who tells me they might be able to help me fund a great vacation every other year so I can travel guilt-free.

2. A financial advisor who tells me they can help come up with a plan for me to do something fun with my kids every month while still putting money away for their education.

3. A financial advisor who tells me that I will likely be able to buy a home in the next 5 years.

STEP 2: Tackle the future while you have them talking about today

You’ve got them in the appointment. You’ve created a fun questionnaire that has them talking to you about the exciting stuff they want to do. Now, as part of that planning, you can incorporate more long-term needs.

As the client, I’m feeling good. I’m going to Europe next year because of the plan you set up for me AND as an added bonus, you presented numbers that allow me to put a doable amount away for the future.

STEP 3: Make the follow-up appointment

Don’t let me leave your office without making an appointment for a review. I do that at the dentist, and it makes me feel so much better that it’s DONE and on my calendar. Do your clients that favor.

Remember that the ultimate goal with all of this is to get them to make the appointment. Dangle the carrot! Don’t give them a bunch of have-tos. Make them excited to come in and talk to you.


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