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Is it Time for a Website Refresh? These 5 Questions Might Help

I'm in the process of refreshing website content for a client I've had for years.

Even with clients I feel like I know really well, it's important for me to ask some key questions about their business at least every two years. While the foundation of what we do often stays the same, there are things that evolve - and that should be reflected on our websites.

I can get a LOT of content from clients answering just a few key questions and I can tell they get a lot out of answering them. We don't often sit down and really think about our business and who we want to serve; most of the time we're too busy WORKING the business.

Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself on a regular basis. And don't just think about the answer - write them down. You'll be amazed at what comes out.

  1. What is my ideal client's pain point?

  2. How can I solve that problem?

  3. How do I want my clients to feel when they work with me?

  4. What makes me different from others in my industry (even if it's one key thing)?

  5. What is my process for serving clients (from initial meeting to ongoing reviews)?

Again, when I ask a client these questions I often get pages worth of answers. Within those pages there are ALWAYS key points to focus on in our content that are likely not on the original website.

Even if you're not planning a website refresh right now, ask yourself these questions every couple of years and keep track of your answers. It's fun to see how our businesses evolve!


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