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The Work Year is Divided into 2 Sections. Here's how to Make the most of Both.

I find that the work year is divided into two time periods: January to May and September to November.

No one wants to work much during the holiday season and it's usually not worthwhile to even attempt to get anything meaningful done with clients over the summer.

This means you need to make the most out of your peak months of work. So, what should you focus on with your marketing?

September - November: Looking forward to the next year.

I find that this time of year is best spent on preparation for the next. It's all about looking at what changes you might want to implement so you can really get moving after the holidays?

  • What can you get done now so that you can enjoy the holidays?

  • Do you need to look at your marketing budget?

  • Are there changes you want to implement (like a website refresh) in the next year?

  • Has your ideal client changed? Should you change some of your marketing strategy next year?

  • Are you happy with the services/platforms you're using or do you need to make a change?

  • What can you set up now so you can hit the ground running at the beginning of the year?

January - May: Renewal and Inspiration

This is when I find most clients are really inspired and ready to make changes or implement new ideas.

  • Are there events you'd like to do during the year to attract new clients? Start outlining that.

  • Is it time to create a great opt-in and use it as a lead generator?

  • If you're thinking about a website/marketing refresh, how do you want things to look?

  • What are things you can do to keep your business fresh and avoid burnout?

  • Your clients are probably feeling motivated at this time, too. What actions can you inspire in them?

  • What can you do as you get closer to the summer months to make things easier? Can you work ahead a little so things can be on autopilot?


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