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Will AI Replace Me as a Content Writer?

The moment I heard about AI writing, I wondered if I was about to be out of a job.

As someone who has built a business writing content for financial advisors, this was a concern. So, I decided to give AI a try to see what it produced.

Here's why I think I still have job security - and also why I'll be using AI as a tool to help me.

It doesn't replace a good voice

The AI writing tool I've been playing around with is Jasper, a platform I was told about by a colleague who was doing her own research into AI writing (and who is writing her own blog comparing services, which I can't wait to read).

When I first began to plug in parameters that would write a blog, I was astonished at what it produced. This was going to save me so much time!

Yes and no.

Depending on the subject I would get decent information, but it still sounded "robotic." (Even with the "witty" setting.)

Search Engine Journal published 7 Content Marketing Best Practices in 2023 and I found their first point to be the most interesting: Use the Customer's Voice in Your Content.

For years I've been focused on using my client's voice in the content, but this article is right. It's about their client. Sometimes this is similar, but it did give me a new perspective.

The bottom line is that AI isn't going to be able to do that. Only a human can (at this point).

It's not always current

When I was looking for content about the SECURE Act 2.0 on Jasper, I was disappointed. While AI tools have "digested" 10% of the internet, some of the information isn't always the most current. So, if you're creating content that's timely, you will likely have to create it yourself and pull from recent publications.

It CAN help with the little things

AI tools are meant to help with SEO. While some of the content feels a little "keyword stuffed" (which is a no-no), I have put in some content just to see what headings it creates throughout the blog. Sometimes I use these and sometimes I tweak them. When you're writing all day every day a small assist can help.

It can help you get started

I'll never forget the day, about a week into my free trial with Jasper, I was winding down and running on empty. My head was killing me and even though I was using information a client had given me, I still had to write the blog. I was drawing a blank.

I put a few things the client had said into the generator and, while it didn't give me a perfect blog, it gave me enough to get my juices flowing again. Rather than staring at a blank screen with a pounding headache, it gave me some opening sentences I could work with. I was off and running.

It can help to fill in the blanks

I once took a piece that was almost completed and put parts of it in the generator to see what it came up with. While I would have never used the blog word-for-word, it came up with one point about tax strategies that my client hadn't included in her thoughts about the subject. I added that information to the almost-completed piece and my client was thrilled. (I took the credit, of course.)


I think my job is still secure. While AI writing tools can be a time saver and a great way to supplement your own blog or website content, they do not replace a human voice and the relatability that SHOULD be in your content. Admittedly, I have not used all of the features included like ad copy and things like that. And it is fun to play around with. (A financial piece written in Hulk Hogan's voice? Yes, please.)

As a writer, I can either be fearful of this new trend or leverage it. I've decided to do the latter.

*This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission. Thanks.


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