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This is How You Get People to Open Your Social Media Posts

This morning I was thinking about the several digital marketing services I use on behalf of my financial planning clients and how much I love them except for one thing: how they format their social media posts.

They're offering great article solutions that are compliance approved, so it should be a no-brainer that the advisor just schedules them and walks away. Unfortunately, I've been advising my clients that that's exactly what they should NOT be doing.

The platforms will post great information about kids moving home during the pandemic and how that can affect your finances or how to pay for college while still saving for retirement - things we all really need to know about. But the "teaser" for post itself is...let's see...what's the technical term for it....

Boring as hell.

When you're posting articles that you're hoping your audience will read you need to remember that putting business pieces out on social media shouldn't be all that different from sharing something on your personal page. With that in mind, let's talk about what we do personally on social media vs. what we do professionally.

Post Like Your Friends Are Reading It

When I post something on my personal page, it's because I truly like it and I think others will, too. Usually it's something funny (like this):

I mean, who doesn't love a sea turtle flipping you the bird? But sometimes it's just good information I think others will appreciate. I don't post things just to post things. So, I shouldn't do that on my business page either.

Why Should Your Friend Care?

On my personal page, I usually say something in the post about why I'm posting it. I don't just throw it up there with no context. No one does. I hate to use this example because I'm trying to stay away from politics, but if I'm sharing something it's because I have an opinion about it.

Here's an example from a social media "curator." The highlighted portion is what will be in the text portion of the post:

Now, be honest. Would you REALLY click on that? Or do you find it boring as hell? When I click on the article there are so many great concepts to choose from that I can include in my post! They go into women being more likely to fall under the poverty level after the age of 75. They talk about the many things we can control when it comes to our finances. They talk about women more likely being caregivers which can affect their retirement. These are ALL concepts I'd like to share with a friend - but that boring "teaser" doesn't do that at all.

Think about how you'd post something like this on your personal page:

  • Do I agree with the author?

  • Do I not?

  • What was it about the piece that made me think it was important enough to share?

Don't just put the post up with the title where you have the opportunity to write something that might catch someone's eye. Think of your best friend reading this post: why do you want them to open it?

Throw In a LITTLE Entertainment

Do you only post political rants and articles about the correct way to clean the grout in your bathroom? Probably not. Chances are, there's a funny meme or video mixed in every once in a while.

The same should be true for your business social media. Yes, it should be informative, but as I've said one wants vegetables all the time. Throw some dessert in there as well. Make your newsfeed informative and enjoyable. And if you're thinking that sounds's not. It allows people to get to know you. And then they're more likely to contact you.


When Warren Buffet writes anything, he writes it as if he's talking to his sister. He's not creating pieces that are so full of industry speak no one will read them. We would all be wise to follow his lead.

I encourage you to really think about what makes you click on something on your personal pages. Is it a title? Is it because your friend wrote something so compelling you feel like you want to know more? Is it because it made you laugh? Apply those same simple concepts to your posts before you hit "Publish."

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