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Improve Your Google Ranking: 5 Tips for a Good User Experience

When it comes to marketing, the power is in the hands of the consumer.

We now have the ability to skip commercials, click on that little X in the right-hand corner, and generally turn the page on advertisements we don't want to see.

And that's why Google rewards companies that give their users a worthwhile experience.

Actually, it's not just Google. The same can be said for digital marketing in general. When someone clicks on any of your social media platforms, they should feel engaged and part of some sort of conversation right away.

Otherwise they'll click right through and find another source.

So, let's figure out ways to encourage potential clients to click through your website and social media platforms, rather than out of them.

1. Your Digital Handshake

It's astonishing to me when people find it a mystery why they're not getting any traffic on their websites...when they don't have anything on their websites. Considering this is the first impression most of your clients will have, it's important to step up your game.

Years ago, it was all about graphics on your homepage. Now it's all about content. In this article from Forbes they say, "Content with 1,000 words or more tends to attract significantly more links and shares."

But don't just create content to fill space. It needs to appeal to me. I appreciate you giving me the Wikipedia definition of what you do, but I need to know more about YOU. After all, if we were meeting in person, you wouldn't just tell me you were a Realtor and leave it at that. Chances are we'd talk about who you like to work with, if we have anything in common, or generally things that would allow us to find common ground.

2. Keep My Attention

So, now we've been digitally introduced and just like we're meeting in person...I kind of want to get to the nitty-gritty.

How do we do that digitally?


We're skimmers now, people. Yes, I want to know some details, but you have to grab me first and that means providing headings (like I'm doing for you now) so that your client can decide whether or not the rest of the content is worth reading (which I'm hoping it is because you've gotten this far).

Huge blocks of text are like being cornered by your 85-year-old grandmother at Thanksgiving who doesn't stop talking without a break. The result?

You just want to get the hell out of there.

3. Develop a Community Vibe

Still reading? Good. That could be because what I'm writing appeals to you, but it really probably means that you're relating to it. Yes, be a professional, but talk to me through your digital content. Relate to me. If you look through my blogs you'll see that I talk about being a parent and being a business owner, things that a lot of people can relate to.

Now we're in this together. And now I've hooked you.

4. Motivate me

Studies show that being in a community is a huge motivator - that's why people are so into online gaming. They can relate to each other and interact which means they're CONSTANTLY PLAYING - I know because I have a 14-year-old son (Fortnight, anyone?).

Even though we're a digital world now, we're still aching to connect. Create a space for that. Use your social media platforms and email marketing to connect with and to other people. Don't just advertise your business; answer questions, provide resources, and be open to communication (even with people who don't agree with you).

5. Show Me the Goods

Get your mind out of the gutter.

When I say "the goods" I mean the best part about your business - YOU. Be who you really are. Give me your opinion, your expertise, and your advice - and do it for free.


No, I'm not asking you to hand over my financial planning future just because I shared your post on Facebook. But how about something little that I can do for myself? And don't make it advice I can get anywhere - give me something I haven't thought of before.

In other words, make my time spent with you - on your website, Twitter, email communication - worthwhile. My time is limited and if you don't win it...

...someone else will.

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