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Hello? Operator? I Think We've Been Disconnected

I've just realized that I need to apologize for something.

I've had so many ideas running circles in my brain for the last month, even I have a hard time keeping up. That's really saying something because I'm typically used to my "idea a minute" mentality (something my family has made fun of for years). But there has been one central idea that's taken root and the rest of the little thought minions are trying to figure out how to deal with it.

Now, back to the apology.

The first thing that any business owner - whether you're selling a product or service - needs to ask themselves is, "What's my client's problem?" Because if you're not passionate about solving the problem for your ideal client, chances are no one is really going to pay attention to what you're peddling.

I've recently entered what I hope will be a little bit of a "slow down" mode for me as far as taking on new business. As one of my consultants pointed out, Social Seed Marketing has had a pretty exciting 2018, but that has meant that I haven't had a moment to just sit and process the year. So, I've decided to take the next month or so to focus on what's happened this year, what needs to be done, and how I can effectively do it.

With that "sit down and process mode" comes revelations (which is exactly what I'm hoping for) and I've just realized that what I've been doing, what I've been offering has only been part of what my clients need.

I actually think that the problem I've been trying to solve these last couple of years might not be the real deep down, core issue for my clients.

What I have focused on is social media and digital marketing services for independent service providers - it frees up their time a little more and they're still able to stay active on all of their platforms and through email. They're happy, we're happy, all is good.


I'm feeling like there is such a disconnect and, if I can be honest, that's frustrated me since I started this business. I feel like Social Seed Marketing is providing a service that people like, but ultimately it's not providing the service that people need.

People like that they're active on social media every day of the week, but what they need to be doing is connecting with their audience.

And that's the disconnect.

YOU CANNOT OUTSOURCE ENGAGEMENT. You just can't. Especially as a small business. You have to be invested in the process.

And where I've fallen short is giving businesses the tools to do that.

The thing is I know how to do it. That's how I got here. I know how to engage my audience. And, really, you know how to engage yours. I just need to pull that out of you, get you comfortable with being your authentic self, and show you how effective this type of communication can be.

What I need to be providing for you are these things:

  • Motivation and excitement about connecting with your ideal client (after all - they're why you're passionate about your business).

  • Tools to effectively make that connection in a way that's not overwhelming or time-consuming.

  • Education on what you can do within your schedule, budget, and vision so that you can spend your money on things other than outsourcing these services.

Don't get me wrong. I love helping you with your daily social media outreach and it's something that Social Seed Marketing will continue to do. But telling you that you can effectively outsource this to me without providing you with everything you need to connect with your potential clients and build meaningful relationships is such a disservice to you.

And because you're my client, hopefully my ideal client, what I should be focused on is solving your problem.

So, I will.

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