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If a Tree Falls in a Forest: A Quick Lesson on Blogging and Social Media

I recently had a client who called me up sounding a little distressed.

"Uh. Catherine? You just posted three of my blogs. That was like a month's worth of content."

I could understand her concern. In most cases, when a client sends me their content for the month, I space out and schedule the blogs weekly, bi-weekly, or whatever we've agreed to.

However, in this case the blogs were connected as part of a series. So, I wanted the posts to be live so they could link together. So, I went ahead and posted them all so that I could do that.

And, frankly, it really doesn't matter.

You could post an entire month's worth of blogs on your website and most people will have no idea that it's there - unless you have an amazing following of people who just happen to make it a habit of clicking on your website on a regular basis. Because at that point, you've only completed Step 1 of the content creation process: getting the content posted.

Most people won't know it's there unless you tell them it is.

It's like that old saying: "If a tree falls in a forest, but no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?"

If your content has been posted, but no one is there to read it really there?

Well, of course it's there. But does it really matter if you haven't told anyone?

Content creation is crucial for businesses. But it's not enough to just have it posted on your website. You have to direct people there through a series of outlets, including multiple social media platforms and email marketing.

I mean, even my mother doesn't know I've written a blog until she gets my newsletter.

Even once you've posted it on social media, some people might not see it unless you're promoting it. When it comes to Facebook especially, creating small groups or even just sharing the piece from your business page to your personal page are great free ways to get content in front of people. But in many cases, you need to pay to be seen by your target audience - even if it's just $10.

The bottom line is, don't do yourself a disservice by taking the time to create the content an then end your efforts there. Get out there and make some digital noise so people can find it.

Don't be that silent tree in the woods.

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