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Creating Content During the Holidays

As we start moving into the holiday season, I know most of my clients don't really want to think about their marketing and creating content.

And that's okay! Because your audience might not want to hear from you all that much.

Just as you're going into holiday mode, thinking about things other than work and hoping to enjoy the season with your family, so are your clients.

Here's what you should keep in mind during November and December.

Keep things short and sweet

No one has the attention span for long blogs and videos. If you have education you'd like to promote, ask yourself if it can wait until the new year. Putting it out there now might mean it's falling on deaf ears.

Lighten up

Have a recipe you love to use during the holidays? Have tips for Black Friday shopping? This is the time to really break out those lifestyle posts that people would rather see.

Don't contact me just for the heck of it

I had a conversation with a client this week and we talked about how we are inundated with emails this time of year and would rather not receive an email that just has a Happy Thanksgiving graphic in it. Combine that good wish with that post you created about Black Friday shopping. Less inbox clutter is something I'll appreciate and I'll like something entertaining to read while I'm standing in line at the mall.

Share it if it's timely

I'm backtracking a little on what I just said above. If you DO have something that's timely and your audience needs to know - tax to-dos that need to be done before December 31st or an end-of-year checklist - put it out there! But - again - try to make it short and to the point. If you can outline something in a quick list of 10 items rather than at 2,000 word blog about everything someone needs to're going to make them feel overwhelmed. Make it as skimmable as possible.

As with all marketing, think about what YOU appreciate this time of year. Do you want a deep market analysis two days before Christmas or financial education about your retirement accounts? Or would you rather a helpful appetizer recipe or a funny piece about dealing with family members?


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