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Is Your Website Wasting Your Time?

graphic about website wasting your time

I’m applying an online dating rule to website content:

Your website should “turn off” 85% of the people who read it.

I remember when I applied that rule to creating my online dating bio years ago. I stopped getting messages from guys with usernames like “DUIOffender” and started getting some real possibilities.

When I speak to financial planning clients who tell me that they’re spending way too much time in initial meetings with people they don’t want to work with, that tells me that the content on their website isn’t as it should be.

As with online dating, I have this to say: STOP BEING A PEOPLE PLEASER. It’s a colossal waste of time.

💭 Tell people what you do and who your ideal client is.

💲 Don’t feel bad about being specific about the asset range of the people you work with.

🎓 Be specific about the level of financial education your ideal client has.

If you are too vague in your website content, then your website is wasting your time.

And, yes, I’m still single. But at least I didn’t end up with the guy who had bangs.


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